About Us

RINO Hunt is an effort to “clean up” the Republican Party. The idea was born after receiving an e-mail from a republican politician in the South Carolina House of Representatives. The e-mail explained that everything good that happened during the last session of the General Assembly was because of the Republicans and everything bad that happened was because of the Democrats.

That argument may have made sense if the State was controlled by a majority of Democrats, but our State has a majority of Republicans in the House of Representatives and the Senate. So how could the Democrats be responsible for anything bad that passed into law?

The answer is; Democrats are not responsible for bad legislation passing into law in South Carolina, Republican’s are! As we say around here, “That Dog Won’t Hunt”.

RINO Hunt is a grass roots effort to remove as many RINO politicians as possible in the elections. There are many conservative organizations throughout the State that are fed up with the good ole boy system in our State.

We believe these Representatives and Senators are servants to the people of South Carolina and should listen to our concerns and desires, not the self interests groups that represent only a minority of our population. These conservative, constitutionally minded groups have joined together to “Hunt RINOs”.

If you are fed up with politicians telling you what you want to hear and then forgetting their promises after they are elected, join the hunt.

Many people think that their vote doesn’t make a difference. They are WRONG! The Egyptians built pyramids without machinery by using organized human power.

We can make a difference if we organize our power at the voting booth and remove the power hungry politicians and replace them with true servants of the people; people like you and I.