1. Identify the RINO incumbents in our State and on City and County Councils
  2. Simultaneously educate the public and seek out constitutionally committed candidates to replace the RINOs
  3. Gain attention that educates the public of the voting habits of the RINO (Give the RINO a black eye during the campaign)
  4. Aggressively campaign for the replacement candidate by creating a voter’s guide that will allow each voter to determine the candidiate of their choice
  5. Promote an aggressive voter’s registration and get out the vote drive
  6. Hold our elected representatives accountable to their commitment of constitutional government

How we achieve the plan:

  1. Review voting habits of each Republican currently serving in the General Assembly, Congress or US Senate and place them in a ranking system.
  2. Seek conservative candidates who are willing to pledge (sign a contract) their commitment to governing solely by the constraints of the Constitution. This process will include: screening potential candidates with a set of questions, interviewing potential candidates, having debates between candidates that allow the voters see how effective their ability to convey their stand on specific issues, and judge their knowledge of the Constitution.
  3. Advertise and hold open meetings where the public can be informed of the votes or support of the incumbent. Educate the public as to how the incumbent has violated the Constitution with their vote and how their vote has affected them. Expose the financial support the incumbent has received from their supporters. Have visible protests against the incumbent at every event they hold. Publicly challenge the incumbent to debate the chosen replacement candidate.
  4. Have “town hall” style meetings to introduce the candidate to their constituents. Hold press releases. Have “grass roots” style home meetings where a supporter invites family, neighbors, friends and co-workers into their home for campaign meetings with the candidates.   Build name recognition with the public by promoting the candidates at public locations, such asFlee Markets, churches and all public events. Place “yard signs” and road signs. Display buttons and bumper stickers.
  5. Using the same techniques as above, encourage every person to register to vote and provide them with a Voter’s Registration application. Assist them to fill it out correctly and submit it to the voter’s registration office. Follow up on their receiving their voter’s registration card within 15 days after applying (this will be very important for new voters). Create a database of supporters and potential supporters that can be contacted to ensure they are registered to vote and to gain a commitment to vote for the replacement candidates during the primary election. Contact every supporter and potential supporter within 24 hours of the primary to remind them to get out and vote. Offer transportation to those that may need it to get to their voting precinct. Have “Get out and Vote” parties starting two weeks before the primary.

Stay involved and contact your elected representatives at least monthly. Let them know you are watching what they do. Try to meet with them face to face at least twice a year at their office, Statehouse or at an event they are attending. 

Remember, “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent”. Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson
One of the founding fathers: Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826)