Concerning News about Crime Rate

Crime Rate in Texas and the United State – No Reason for Optimism

The current governor of Texas is Greg Abbott. He is affiliated with the Republican Party. So the Republicans hold the reins of power. How does it affected crime rate in the state?

Statistics talk for themselves. Rate of violent crime almost haven’t changed! In 2014, there were 923,226 cases of crime involving violence throughout the state. In 2015, the number was 892,427 and in 2016 it stood at 889,989. This is not good enough and quite disappointing in light of a Republican governor in power.

High crime rate (whether violent or property related) simply means that the streets are not safe. More than that, you cannot trust anyone, especially those whose services you have hired (e.g. your children babysitter). You have to constantly check their background to make sure you are not getting a criminal into your house.

Luckily, Texas offers easy access to criminal background checks; it other words, anyone can check a person’s incarceration history using state’s tools.

However, this is only a partial solution. The authorities must do more to combat crime. Police have to increase their law enforcement efforts. Courts have to give more severe punishments to deter potential criminals from becoming real criminals.

When Donald Trump was nominated president he gave a promise to make America great again. It seemed that we entered a new era of tougher administration compared to the previous Democratic administration led by Obama. But as it appears, nothing really changed.

According to crime statistics published by the FBI, in 2016 violent crime in the entire nation increased by more than 4 per cent compared to 2015. Murder rate increased by 8.6 per cent! This is very concerning news and it is time to wake up before we will resemble our southern neighbor. Every concerned citizen, especially if he has kids, must demand from his representatives in power immediate action.

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