Cheaper Healthcare

Making Healthcare Services Cheaper

cheaper healthcareWe have all heard the propaganda that “our healthcare system is broken”.  I say bull-crap!  We have the best healthcare system in the world; evidenced by the powerful elite obtaining their major medical care here in the U.S.  What we have is a healthcare system that has become too expensive and burdensome to those that use it.

We have lost the ability to communicate and make decisions with our doctors concerning the treatment of or illnesses and injuries.  Doctors now get their treatment orders from HMOs and insurance companies.  These third parties in our healthcare system came about because of rising costs of treatment.

The rising cost of treatment came about from several factors including; frivolous lawsuits, extreme punitive awards, lack of competition in the health insurance industry and rising costs of treating an increasing illegal alien population that work without health insurance and at lower wages which leaves them without ability to pay.

If serious improvements in affordable healthcare are to be addressed, these primary issues must be addressed first.  We need legislation in South Carolina to address frivolous lawsuits.  A step in the right direction would be some form of “looser pays” legislation.  Capping of punitive damages awarded is also a must in order to reduce healthcare costs.

Creating Interstate Compacts between other States is a constitutionally binding way to create competition in the health insurance industry and the federal government cannot restrict interstate compacts between States.  No serious attempt to reduce healthcare costs can ignore the costs of medical treatment of illegal aliens in our State.

A few years ago South Carolina created the strictest anti-illegal alien law in the Nation.  However, it was never funded.  It may take the entire legislative session to create an Arizona style law dealing with illegal aliens in South Carolina, but funding the enforcement of existing law can be accomplished the first week of the 2011 session.

We understand that any legislation dealing with looser pays and capping punitive damages will bring out the trial lawyers association with threats.

We also understand that legislation dealing with illegal aliens will bring out the Camber’s of Commerce and the Agriculture Associations.  Our Legislators must draw a line in the sand and decide who they want to represent, but that choice will come with consequences by the voters if they decide special interests are more important than constituent interests.