The Failure of the Federal Education System

Building a Self-reliant Education System

education systemTurning over the education of our children to the federal government may be the largest mistake in our State’s history.

The U.S. Department of Education was created in 1979 with the stated purpose of “fostering educational excellence”.  One would assume this to mean obtaining higher graduation rates and higher scores on standardized tests.

That goal has been an abysmal failure.  The drop-out rates are the same, and in many cases worse than before the creation of the Department.  High school graduates are less prepared for college than before the creation of the Department.

Our children have been systematically dumbed down for the last 30 years to the point that many cannot even find their own State on a map.  The majority of graduates know nothing about our founding fathers and our Constitution.  Even fewer can balance a checkbook or communicate in proper English.

Texas has recently introduced or passed legislation that tells the federal government thanks, but no-thanks.  They will decide what their schools will teach and what test the students will have to pass in order to graduate.

South Carolina should walk the U.S. Department of Education to the northern border and tell them not to return.  We have the South Carolina Department of Education and it should regulate our educational process.