Reducing Spending

Reduced Spending at All levels of Government

us dollarI would recommend Equal Employment ACT legislation.  This legislation would require every department of government, local and State, to determine the number of employees on government payroll and document those numbers.

After determining the number of employees, it would require government employee positions to be cut to equal the official unemployment numbers and adjusted quarterly, semi-annually or another specified period of time.

The next phase of the EEACT would mandate that government employees be paid equally as compared to private sector employees.

This would require retirement benefits, healthcare insurance, vacation and all other benefits to be calculated into the equation to determine the actual income of the public employee.

This type of legislation would not only reduce government spending by eliminating public sector jobs, it would reduce the number of people looking to get onto the public sector career wagon.

We know that unfunded public employee retirement costs is a major issue facing South Carolina and this would be a step in the right direction to reduce those unfunded expenses.  It would also create an attitude of joint hardship between public and private sector workers.

This would be beneficial in the long-term support from public employees for fiscally sound economic policy in South Carolina.