What the Republican Party Thinks about Fighting Crime

fighting crimeThe Basic Approach of the Republican Party to Fighting Crime

The Republican Party perceives crime as a menace to society – a plague that must be eradicated at all cost. The Democratic Party might think the same, but both parties diverge on the required methods necessary to fight crime.

I am not interested in showing the Democratic point of view. My focus is on showing the Republican basic understanding of how crime must be dealt with to maintain the personal security of every citizen of this great country.

So here are the main principles of what should be done to make sure crime rates remain at a minimum level:

1) The right to private firearms – The Republicans believe that it is the fundamental and Constitutional right of every person to possess a gun to be able to protect himself and his family.  The more guns there are, the more people will be able to react to criminal incidents and deter potential outlaws from engaging in unlawful activities.

2) Every citizen must be able to check the background of people around him. It is everybody’s right to make sure his loved ones are not interacting with people that may endanger them. Hence, the government must promise free access to their archives of criminal records. The government must also allow efficient private background check databases to operate smoothly offering the public valuable information.

The Freedom of Information Act, which already makes sure each and every one of us can access public records, should be expanded while removing all limitations when it comes to the right of the public to know and monitor the activity of those who govern it.

3) Severe punishment – We, the republicans, believe that punishment deters crime. More than that, severe punishment is a just thing. The Biblical eye for an eye, teeth for teeth, is a principle we must cherish. If you killed a man, you should expect the same will be done to you. This is nothing more than sheer justice.

Therefore, we strongly support capital punishment. It’s moral and practically useful! Studies have confirmed what we all know – capital punishments saves lives of potential victims.

4) Finally, we must show our appreciation to those who risk their lives on a daily basis to keep us safe. And I mean our dear police officers all across the nation. It is the government’s duty to prevent violence against law officers and it is our duty to be grateful to any person who chooses to dedicate his or her life to serve and protect the community.